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Police station
Edam-Volendam 1987-1988

Station for two Police Groups
Gross floor surface 900 m2
Commissioned by Rijksgebouwendienst

Edam and Volendam form one municipality. The regional office of the police serving both communities is situated on the road that links the two.

A police station, by necessity, features a number of spaces that are strictly separated from the outside world. In this case, however, the design opts for an open and friendly character. The emphasis is on public assistance and advice that are also part of the police’s job.

The entrance hall with its open metal staircase is two stories high and has a glass curtain wall on two sides. The brick façade of the main building continues as an inside wall, the ceiling and outside awning form one horizontal surface, and the cafeteria on the second floor looks both inside and out through a strip window.

Especially at night, when the building is illuminated, the inner and outer worlds are virtually reversed. The interior flawlessly flows into the exterior. The police are there, 24 hours a day.