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Subway Station Parkweg
Schiedam 1994-2002

Underground metro station for Caland subway line inRotterdam
Length platform ca. 135 meter, amount of travellers per day ca. 8.200
Commissioned by RET Gemeentelijk Vervoerbedrijf Rotterdam

Each of the six stations on the new Caland Line between Rotterdam and the town of Spijkenisse have their own identity through being designed by different architects. The only subterranean station on the line, Parkweg, provides a transition between the world of dark tunnels and that of viaducts in the open air. The design allows a maximum of daylight to reach the central platform.

Above ground the station is visible with a row of four elliptical glass pavilions. The two at the end allow entry and exit, the two in the middle function as gigantic skylights. By day abundant light streams in, at night these glass beacons illuminate their surroundings. A road on one side, a canal on the other.

The tracks bend around the central platform, making the length of the station clearly visible. The entrances provide a good view of the column-free platform. Clear, surveyable en consequently – safe.

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