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Theater, Cultural Center and Housing (design)
Noordwijk 1998

Multiple Commission to join two small theatres, a cultural center, musical school and housing in one building
Commissioned by Stichting Dorpshuizen, Noordwijk

The coastal municipality of Noordwijk has traditionally always been divided in a seaside village and a settlement behind the dunes. Each had a theater and both were ripe for renovation. A competition between a selected group of architects was to provide the solution. This design was selected by a professional jury, but in the end the commission went to a local architect.

As location, the seaside Boulevard promenade was the logical choice. Situated on the square at the foot of the lighthouse the project would provide a stimulating addition to the entertainment offered in this vibrant seaside resort. The transparent entrance lobby makes it abundantly clear what goes on inside. The theater foyer and the cultural center above it face the outside world, tempting the public to come inside

The theater itself is an isolated box, as it should be. Flanked on three sides by a row of houses the building is embedded into the surrounding residential area. The parking garage underneath the complex lifts the homes just above street level. Between living room and sidewalk: a front yard. A venerable Noordwijk tradition.