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Façade 't Watertheater
Amsterdam 2000-2004

Façade design for 't Watertheatre
Situated in the IJ-harbour on a 30 meter long pier next to the
shopping centre Pakhuis Brazilië
Volume 6.500 m3
Commissioned by Blauwhoed, Amsterdam

The cinema, designed by architect Robert Lijbers for a location in the Amsterdam Eastern Docklands harbour area, demanded a special façade. Spectacular and festive to attract visitors from a distance and welcome them from nearby. Sturdy and robust to blend into the environment of solid buildings and ocean-going vessels.

The total volume, with a foot print of 50 by 65 feet and 70 feet high, is wrapped in a translucent façade. The stacked cinema complex of theatre spaces is visible, surrounded by a circulation system of stairs and corridors. The core is decorated with an array of colourful images cover this core with art, graphics, film and advertising.

At night visitors add movement to the spectacle visible outside. The café presents itself to the outside on the lower level with a terrace over the water facing the evening sun. On top, the restaurant attracts a lively crowd till closing time. With its cheerful lights, this theatre will be a harbour beacon.