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MOTI - Museum of the Image
Breda 2002-2008

Renovation and development of existing art centre into national museum, formerly known as Graphic Design Museum
Gross floor surface 5.200 m2
Commissioned by Municipality Breda and Centre for Visual Arts De Beyerd

The Netherlands has many museums, but one museum for the image and visual culture is lacking. The renovation of De Beyerd in Breda, and the addition of a new building, will fill this gap. An art lending library had already been added on to the gate house of this 17th century hospital in 1991. Contemporary juxtaposed with centuries-old turned out to reinforce each other.

Printed matter is vulnerable. Paper crumbles and ink fades when temperature, humidity and light are not stringently controlled. The best way to do this is in a new building, specifically designed for the purpose. Public spaces such as the entrance and restaurant, and also the offices, are housed in the historical monument. Workshops and museum store are located in the 15-year old annex that the art lending library vacated. The new wing replaces an addition from the Thirties and will contain the exhibition spaces.

These rooms are grouped around an inner courtyard, with the auditorium underneath. The circumambulating passage through the rooms recalls the hospital of olden days. The gate house regains its function as entrance building.

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