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Extension Town Hall, new Library and Parking Garage
Heerhugowaard 2003-2008

Extension and complete renovation of the existing town hall and development of a new public library and public underground parking under the city square
Total gross floor surface 19.000 m2
Commissioned by Municipality of Heerhugowaard

The center of Heerhugowaard, 30 miles north of Amsterdam, is changing dramatically. Central to the metamorphosis is a new city plaza right next to the Town Hall which dates from 1982. A new wing with information and social services for the public opens up the building to the outside world and invites it to come inside.

A busy urban department store is created by interweaving public functions, where various services remain recognizable.
The existing brick buildings are joined by two distinctly recognizable wings: a municipal department, clad in bluestone and a library with a wooden exterior.

The 30 feet high entrance hall provides spatial coherence. An ambulatory around the adjacent courtyard connects the existing cube of the meeting hall with the new free-form spaces containing service counters, the book library with cafés for reading and internetting, the art lending library and the wedding room. A cupola topped with a mezzanine offers a splendid view of this new heart of Heerhugowaard.

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